Arriving into Noumea: A Guide For Cruise Passengers

A South Pacific Cruise and Noumea go hand in hand.
If you are going on a cruise from Australia to the South Pacific, you are almost guaranteed to stop at Noumea.

Not everybody knows it, but there are actually two different places that your Cruise Ship can dock in Noumea.
Your cruising itinerary will not actually tell you which of these you will arrive at, but fear not! Go By Sea is about to explain it all to you!

When arriving into Noumea there are Two Terminals:

1: Cruise Ship Terminal
2: Container Terminal


Both terminals allow the Ship to come alongside a Pier, so there is no need for Tender Boats. You can walk off the ship from both locations.
From the Cruise Ship Terminal you have direct access to the City and Sights.
From the Container Terminal you do not.

Tell us more about the Cruise Terminal?

The Cruise Terminal is the “Official” Entry Point to Noumea.
You will find Tour Operators, Money Exchange, an Info Centre, Markets and Cafes at the Cruise Terminal.
If your ship docks at the Cruise Terminal you will step off the ship and walk directly into the Cruise Terminal. From here you are free to wander where you like and depart to discover Noumea.

What about the Container Terminal?

The Container Terminal is part of the working Port of Noumea.

As such, it is not safe for passengers to walk freely around this area.
So, as you leave the ship you must board a Shuttle-Bus which will take you to the Cruise Terminal.

These buses are arranged by your cruise ship and do not cost anything. You do not need to book the bus; they are available and will take you in and out of the Port all day.
The bus will drive you out of the Container Port, and drop you off at the actual Cruise Terminal.
The Bus ride to the Cruise Terminal is 5 minutes.
When you want to go back on board the ship you repeat the process in reverse (Get on the bus at the Cruise Terminal and they will drive you directly back to the ship).

It’s really very easy, but we have seen numerous passengers stressed out, as they do not expect to be getting on a bus as they leave the ship.


Why Don’t All Ships just go to the Cruise Terminal?

Some of the larger ships cannot fit alongside the Cruise Terminal.
Noumea is a very popular Port and often there will be two cruise ships in on one day.
You don’t get a choice where your ship will dock, but just remember that your ship will get you to the Cruise Terminal via bus if you do dock at the Container Terminal.

What about Shore Tours?

If you have booked your Shore Tour through the ship your ticket will tell you where to meet your tour.
Any privately organised tours will assume that you are meeting them at the Cruise Terminal. So if you arrive at the Container Port just take the (compulsory) bus to the Cruise Terminal and then follow your directions from there.
If you have booked your Tour with Go By Sea, we will email you an easy to follow map to find your guide on the day. Once again, if you arrive at the Container Port just take the compulsory bus to the Cruise Terminal and then follow the directions.

As always, as you leave the ship you need to take note of the time you must be back on board.
I suggest checking your phone or watch are on the correct ship time before you leave the ship, and then photograph the departure time so that you don’t forget it. The buses all have a sign on them telling you the time for the last bus of the day, so if your ship is at the Container Port this is the time you need to know.

We hope that when you visit Noumea you love it as much as we do.

To help you make the most of your day in Port, we have a great range of Unique Experiences in Noumea. Click on the link below to discover our Noumea Tours: